EDGE Clinics: Enhancement Training powered by Reps-up Training


Description: Edge Skills Academy is designed to maximize your child/children basketball potential physically and emotionally. Reps-Up has developed and focuses on 4 Pillars that will make your child/children a complete and efficient player
Pillar 1: Skills - The Ability to: Dribble, Shoot, Pass and Footwork etc.
Pillar 2: Basketball IQ - Ability to read and understand every situation
Pillar 3: Athleticism - Speed, Agility, Vertical, lateral and Explosiveness
Pillar 4: Intangibles - Attitude, Work Ethic, Behavior towards the game.

*Fully maximize your child's potential long term clients favorable
**3 Month Increments

Trainer: Edge Coach (10:1 Coach Ratio)

Days/Time: Monday - Thursday, 5pm - 6pm (Youth) / Fridays (Advance Youth - High School Players)

Location: Calvary Baptist School: 2990 Damien Ave, La Verne, CA

Age/Level: 1st-8th Graders, Monday - Thursday / Advanced Youth & High School Players, Friday

Cost: New Inquiries $25.00
Edge Members:
$90.00/1x Session
$125.00/2x Session
$150.00/3x Session

Non-Edge Members:
$115.00/1x Session
$150.00/2x Session
$175.00/3x Session

Sign Up Link: CLICK HERE

Notes: Ongoing Training: Please call 909-781-3896 (Coach V) or Jsantiagobasketball@gmail.com Coach James